The Afro look - a true power look, but due to its weak hair structure, its susceptibility to hair breakage and the rapid loss of moisture, it is one of the most demanding hair types of all. But anyone who has managed to tame their mane can enjoy an astonishing environment. We'll show you how to get a healthy Afro.


Defined by its heavily curled, protruding curls, the Afro predominantly belongs to type 4 (frizzy), which in turn is divided into three subcategories. The first, 4a, can be recognized primarily by its S-shaped, tight curls, which can vary between fine and wiry. Type 4b is more Z-shaped and less defined. The shrinkage phenomenon is particularly evident in this subcategory. Here the natural hair length contracts by around 75%. Type 4c is a variation of several curl types. The shrinkage phenomenon also occurs here.


Proper care is important for a healthy mane. It is important to pay attention to moisture as they are naturally very dry. Sebum, an oily, moisturizing secretion from our hair, cannot reach the ends through the frizzy curls. Experts therefore recommend incorporating natural oils into your hair care routine. Not only do they protect against dryness, they also reduce split ends.

While showering, which is recommended once a week, divide your Afro into individual sections and then massage in a suitable shampoo. Then let it air dry, preferably braided or twisted and using a leave-in conditioner.

Combing your hair can also be a challenge. It's best to comb your Afro when it's damp with a wide comb or your fingers to prevent hair breakage and pain.


Afros can be styled in many different ways. Braids are particularly trendy right now. Divide your hair into small sections and braid them to the ends. The process takes a little longer, but is worth it in the end. The sleek bun is also trendy right now. To do this, comb your Afro tightly into a braid. Leave-in conditioner or hair oil will help set the curls close to the head. Then tie the braid together at the desired height or wear it loose in “pineapple style”.

Of course, you can also straighten your Afro. With the blowout method you have to divide it into four parts and spray them with heat protection spray. Then place the brush at the hairline and pull it down at the same time as the hairdryer. Finally, add some oil to your hair. Of course, you can also use a straightener, but be careful not to use either method too often as they could damage your afro in the long term.