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  • 80 YEARS


me name - permanent hair color

Our MeMademoiselle hair colors stand for German quality and variety. With a coloring concept consisting of 181 shades and specially developed formulas that guarantee long-lasting color results, we let hair shine in the most beautiful colors. We pay attention to nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, keratin and rice protein in order to achieve an optimal symbiosis of color and care.

me developer & bleaching - perfection down to the last detail

For outstanding color results, MeMademoiselle relies on precise developers and gentle brighteners. Our Developer range, developed with the utmost precision, ensures optimal color activation, while our bleaching products gently lighten without damaging the hair. We offer our customers maximum flexibility for a variety of color designs, from subtle to intense.


What advantages do MeMademoiselle hair colors offer compared to other brands?

MeMademoiselle hair colors are characterized by their high quality and intensity. Made in Germany, they offer long-lasting color results and impressive luminosity. With 181 shades, from natural to fashion tones, we offer a wide range of colors that everyone can find. Our colors are also enriched with nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, which protect and nourish the hair.

What nourishing ingredients are contained in MeMademoiselle hair colors?

MeMademoiselle hair colors contain various nourishing ingredients that protect and nourish the hair during the coloring process. These include gemstone dust for a radiant shine, as well as rice and wheat protein, which give the hair strength and elasticity. In addition, keratin ensures improved hair structure and argan oil provides additional moisture and suppleness.

How often can I color my hair with MeMademoiselle colors?

The frequency of hair coloring with MeMademoiselle colors depends on various factors, such as the desired color, natural hair growth and the individual hair structure. We generally recommend re-dyeing every 4-6 weeks, especially when it comes to refreshing the roots. For complete color changes or color refreshments, you should always follow your hairdresser's recommendations and follow the instructions for use of the products.

Can I mix different shades of MeMademoiselle to create my own custom color?

Yes, MeMademoiselle shades are designed to be mixed together to create custom shades. This enables a tailor-made color design that is perfectly tailored to your wishes and needs. However, before mixing different shades, we recommend reading the instructions carefully to achieve the best possible result.

Where can I get advice about MeMademoiselle products?

In addition to our website, numerous hair salons worldwide offer our MeMademoiselle products. At these salons you not only receive our products, but also professional advice tailored to your needs.