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Restorative care & intensive protection

Care for all types of hair: brittle, dry, straight or curly

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Hair care for every need

MeMademoiselle offers a wide range of different hair care products: Our "Renaissance" range is ideal for heavily damaged hair, while our "Balance" range counteracts scalp problems. For fine hair that needs strength and volume, we recommend the "Volume" range to our customers. Each of our products has been carefully formulated and tested to meet the individual needs of each user.

Unique, individual recipes for hair care

MeMademoiselle relies on individual recipes, German quality and specifically selected ingredients. Each of our products reflects our passion for hair and our pursuit of perfection. Our decades of expertise allow us to enhance the natural beauty of every hair, protecting and nourishing it and creating flawless shine.


Does MeMademoiselle also offer products specifically designed for curls or wavy hair?

Yes, MeMademoiselle offers the "Texture" line, which is specifically designed for curls and wavy hair. These products are designed to enhance and define the natural texture of curly and wavy hair. They provide intense hydration to reduce frizz and keep curls supple and bouncy. With the “Texture” line, curls and waves can be optimally cared for and shaped.

How do I use MeMademoiselle products?

For fine or thin hair we recommend our “Volume” line. This range has been specifically designed to give hair more volume and fullness without weighing it down. The formulations strengthen the hair structure from the inside out and give the hair visibly more density and vitality. With the “Volume” line, fine hair receives the care it needs and a natural lift.

Is there also MeMademoiselle hair care for men?

In any case! The “monsieur star” is a vegan shampoo that was developed explicitly for men. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types and promises a seductive look after washing your hair. In general, it should be noted that many of the MeMademoisselle products can be used by both women and men.

Which MeMademoiselle product line is best for color-treated hair?

For colored hair we recommend our “Color Cocktail” line. This specially developed range provides intensive care and protection for colored hair to maintain color vibrancy while nourishing and strengthening the hair. The products in our line are designed to extend the vibrancy of the color while protecting the hair from external influences.

Are MeMademoiselle products produced in an environmentally friendly way?

Yes, sustainability and environmental friendliness are MeMademoiselle’s core values. We rely on regional suppliers and short transport routes to minimize our CO₂ footprint as much as possible. In addition, our production processes are designed to conserve resources and reduce waste. At MeMademoiselle, sustainability is not a trend, but a deeply rooted philosophy.