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C:EHKO - Highly professional hair cosmetics

The C:EHKO range precisely meets every user need.

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3 products


3 products

  • 80 years of tradition

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Not tested on animals

Masterful hair cosmetics from Germany

For over 90 years, C:EHKO has stood for outstanding expertise in hair cosmetics. With an extensive product range that ranges from intensive care to a variety of colorations and innovative styling, we continually set new standards. Our unique formulas, enriched with natural ingredients, guarantee not only beauty but also health for your hair.

Find your C:EHKO salon

Would you like to experience the excellent effects of C:EHKO products yourself? With our practical salon finder, you can quickly find a hair salon near you that uses our high-quality products. Immerse yourself in the world of C:ehko and enjoy professional advice, first-class treatments and an incomparable hair experience in one of our partner salons.


Frequently asked questions about C:EHKO

How is C:EHKO different from other hair cosmetic brands?

C:EHKO relies on a unique mix of tradition, quality and innovation. While we value tried-and-tested hair care methods, we always incorporate the latest scientific findings into our products. Our combination of selected ingredients and state-of-the-art technology allows us to achieve outstanding results. We also attach great importance to individual advice in our partner salons in order to be able to offer every customer the best possible products.

Where can I purchase C:EHKO products?

To experience C:EHKO's quality for yourself, we recommend you purchase our products on our official website or from a trusted online retailer. For personal advice and direct purchase, you can also visit one of our partner salons, where expert staff will provide you with the best possible support when purchasing your products.

Does C:EHKO offer products for every hair type?

Yes, C:EHKO has a diverse range that has been specially developed to suit a wide range of hair types. Whether you have fine, thick, curly, straight or colored hair – with us you will find the right product that meets your individual needs. Our expertise allows us to offer optimal care and styling for every hair type.

How can I find the best C:EHKO product for my needs?

To find a product that is perfectly tailored to your needs, we recommend that you view the detailed product descriptions on our website. There you will receive a comprehensive overview of our product range and the ingredients used. The expert staff of our partner salons are also available to provide you with personal, tailor-made advice.

How is C:EHKO committed to environmental protection?

Environmental protection and sustainability are of central importance to us. In our quest to combine beauty and ecological responsibility, we rely on innovative approaches. We use an advanced photovoltaic system in our sales center to generate environmentally friendly energy and have implemented the ISO 50001 standard in our production, which stands for efficient and responsible energy management.