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Gentle care for every hair

KEEN offers a wide range of hair care products that are as individual as our customers themselves. From moisturizing shampoos to repairing conditioners and regenerating masks - each product is designed to meet a wide range of needs and allow hair to shine in its full beauty let.

Valuable nutrients for regeneration & protection

When developing products, KEEN relies on a combination of traditional and modern ingredients: from alpine herbs and exotic flower extracts to proven ingredients such as almond protein, white tea and beeswax. Our carefully selected nutrients not only promise care, but also protection against external influences to preserve the natural beauty of the hair.


Frequently asked questions about KEEN CARE

What does KEEN offer in its hair care range?

KEEN's hair care range is extensive and covers a variety of hair needs. It includes products for everyday use, specific color care, volume boosters, hydration, shine boosters, smoothing solutions, restorative care and solutions for scalp problems. Each of our series has been formulated with great care and expertise and dermatologically tested.

Can I also use KEEN products for sensitive scalps?

Yes, KEEN products are formulated to be suitable for sensitive scalps. Our products contain natural ingredients such as bisabolol and black cumin that are gentle on the scalp and hair while effectively cleansing, nourishing and protecting.

Are there any KEEN products specifically designed to smooth frizzy or unruly hair?

Yes, the KEEN straightening range offers solutions that soften hair and reduce unwanted frizz. The products are formulated to deeply condition the hair while providing a smooth, silky finish. This makes them ideal for anyone looking for an effective solution for their unruly hair.

Which KEEN products are suitable for color care?

For the preservation and care of colored hair, KEEN has developed a special color care range that specializes in protecting the brilliance and depth of the hair color while nourishing the hair. This means the color intensity is retained for longer and the hair feels healthy.

Does KEEN also have products for specific hair types or problems?

Absolutely! We understand that every hair is individual and has different needs. That's why we offer a wide range of products tailored to specific hair types and problems - be it dry, colored, fine hair or problems such as hair loss and split ends. Our formulations are designed to provide targeted solutions to any challenge.