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Our KEEN's Professional range is a testament to innovation in hairdressing. With products like COLOR SYSTEM, NEO COLORS and ALL ABOUT BLOND, we at KEEN are setting new standards in hair color technology. The series is complemented by our REBONDING SYSTEM for perfect smoothing and our PERMING SYSTEM for natural waves.

What is actually behind the KEEN brand?

Behind our professional hair cosmetics brand KEEN is a rich tradition of over 75 years of experience. Starting with a hair tonic made from mountain herbs through to the most modern hair cosmetic products, we combine German quality with innovation. Our products reflect our deep passion for hair care and nature. With our environmentally friendly philosophy, we not only want to protect and care for the hair sustainably, but also our planet.


Frequently asked questions about KEEN Professional

What makes the COLOR SYSTEM from KEEN so unique?

KEEN's COLOR SYSTEM is the result of intensive research and development to provide vibrant and lasting hair colors. It uses a special formulation that not only delivers brilliant color results but also nourishes and protects the hair. With a palette of shades ranging from natural shades to cool and vibrant colors, the COLOR SYSTEM allows hairdressers to achieve individual and tailored color results for each client.

How do the products in the ALL ABOUT BLOND range help you achieve the perfect blonde?

The ALL ABOUT BLOND range from KEEN is specially designed for blonde hair. It offers solutions that neutralize yellow tones, increase shine and protect hair from damage. With ingredients that nourish and strengthen hair, the range ensures blonde hair looks and feels healthy. Whether it's natural blonde or colored hair, the products in this range provide the care necessary to bring out the best in blonde hair.

How does the KEEN REBONDING SYSTEM help with hair straightening?

KEEN's REBONDING SYSTEM is a revolutionary solution for those looking for permanent hair straightening. It uses advanced technologies to smooth hair from the inside out without damaging its structure. The result is silky smooth hair that is still healthy and strong. In addition, the REBONDING SYSTEM provides additional protection from heat and environmental influences, so that after treatment the hair is not only smooth, but also protected and cared for.

Where does KEEN source its ingredients and how does the brand ensure they are of the highest quality?

KEEN attaches great importance to the quality and origin of its ingredients. Many of the ingredients used, such as mountain herbs and flower extracts, have traditional roots and are carefully selected. Through close cooperation with trustworthy suppliers and constant quality controls, we ensure that every product meets the high “Made in Germany” standards and is at the same time effective and safe for the hair.

Which product lines does KEEN offer and what needs do they cover?

We offer a variety of product lines tailored to different hair needs. From the Professional range for specialized styling needs to nourishing shampoos, conditioners and masks for everyday hair care. Whether you're looking for products to moisturize, condition or smooth hair, we have a solution backed by science and decades of experience.