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The perfect finish for every look

Whether strict or disheveled, wavy or jagged, supple or fixed – our professional styling products keep their promises.

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C:EHKO: Styling that impresses

From fine shine to extreme hold, C:EHKO's styling products are suitable for every look. "GLIMMER" for shiny moments, "CRYSTAL" for casual styling, "DIAMOND" for a strong, sparkling hold and "BRILLIANT" for ultimate, unshakable styling. Set accents, emphasize your individuality and create the optimal finish for every occasion.

Quality and tradition in every product

As a renowned family business, C:EHKO has been combining tradition with innovation for over 80 years. Our STYLE line combines decades of experience, advanced research and carefully selected ingredients to create a harmonious product ensemble. For hairdressers worldwide, we offer professional hair cosmetics under the “Made in Germany” label that meet the highest standards and delight customers in the long term.


Frequently asked questions about C:EHKO STYLE

Why are C:EHKO styling products recommended?

C:EHKO's styling products have been specially developed to not only achieve optimal styling results, but also to protect and care for the hair. They combine high-quality ingredients with the latest technology to ensure reliable performance. They are also designed for different hair types and styling needs, so everyone can find the right product for them. With C:EHKO styling products you not only get the look you want, but also a hair feeling that shows health and vitality.

What styling products are available at C:EHKO?

C:EHKO offers you a wide range of different styling products. In order to achieve the desired effect for every styling need and hair type, we have developed four innovative product series:

  • GLIMMER - SHINE: For a glamorous appearance.
  • CRYSTAL - LIGHT HOLD: Provides natural hold for a casual feel.
  • DIAMOND - STRONG HOLD: Provides strong hold and an effective glamor style.
  • BRILLIANT - EXTREME HOLD: For an ultra strong look that is unshakable.

No matter whether you have curls, waves or straight hair, at C:EHKO you will find the right product to perfect your individual look and guarantee a long-lasting style.

Are C:EHKO's STYLE products suitable for everyday use?

Yes, C:EHKO's STYLE products are specifically designed to meet the needs of everyday styling. They are not only effective to use, but also gentle on your hair. Thanks to their high-quality ingredients and careful formulation, they do not weigh down the hair and leave no unwanted residue. No matter whether you style your hair every day or just occasionally - with C:EHKO's STYLE products you can be sure that your hair is optimally cared for and protected.

How do I use C:EHKO’s STYLE products correctly?

For optimal use of C:EHKO's STYLE products, you should follow the detailed instructions on the packaging. As a general rule, we recommend distributing the product evenly throughout towel-dried or dry hair before styling. Depending on your hair type and the look you want, the amount of product you need may vary - so adjust accordingly to achieve the best possible result.

Are there also hair colors and tints from C:EHKO?

Yes, C:EHKO not only offers care and styling products, but also a selection of professional hair colors and tints. Each of these products is developed with great care, expertise and dedication to ensure intense and long-lasting color results. At the same time, they nourish the hair so that it looks healthy and shiny. Regardless of whether you want a complete color change or just want to refresh your natural color - with the hair colors and tints from C:EHKO you will always get a convincing result.