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Long-lasting shaping for every hair

For wild curls, gentle waves or straight hair - shaping that inspires.

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  • Dermatological


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C:EHKO Forming - The right solution for every look

C:EHKO Forming understands the uniqueness of every hair. Whether you're aiming for natural waves, vibrant curls or perfectly straightened hair, our product lines such as Moving Waves, Thermo Wave and Universal Former are specifically designed to meet your needs. All of our formulas are vegan, dye-free and dermatologically tested.

German quality for excellent results

C:EHKO, a proud family business with over 80 years of experience, combines German craftsmanship with advanced research. Our shaping line reflects this combination by effectively shaping waves, defining curls and straightening hair. With the promise "Made in Germany" we offer our customers first-class results at fair prices. Experience the highest quality and shape your hair the way you want!


Frequently asked questions about C:EHKO FORMING

How long do the effects of C:ehko Forming products last?

The effect of C:EHKO forming products is designed to deliver long-lasting results. Depending on individual hair type and specific conditions, such as hair care and environmental influences, results may vary. However, the effects usually last for several weeks, although regular applications and combination with other C:EHKO care products can further optimize the durability and quality of the result. It is recommended to follow the exact instructions on the product packaging and to consult a hairdresser or hair expert if you are unsure.

What is the best way to use C:EHKO Forming products?

The use of C:EHKO Forming products depends on the specific product and the desired result. In general, it is important to clean your hair and towel dry it well before use. Apply the chosen shaping product evenly to the hair and follow the specific instructions on the packaging. Some products require an exposure time while others provide immediate results. Rinse thoroughly after use and style hair as desired. If you are unsure or have special requirements, we recommend visiting one of our partner salons.

Are C:EHKO forming products suitable for sensitive scalps?

Yes, C:EHKO attaches great importance to the compatibility of the products. C:EHKO's forming products are formulated to be suitable for sensitive scalps. They contain carefully selected ingredients and are dermatologically tested to minimize skin irritation. However, if you have known sensitivity or allergies, we recommend carrying out a patch test before first use to ensure that the product is really suitable for you.

Which C:EHKO products should I combine with the forming products?

To achieve optimal results, we recommend combining C:EHKO products aimed at caring for and protecting the hair. Before using the forming products, C:EHKO shampoos and conditioners that have been specially developed for your hair type are particularly suitable. After the shaping treatment, the use of C:EHKO care and finish products is recommended to protect the hair, add additional shine and extend the durability of the styling. Depending on the desired result and hair type, specific product combinations can make the difference. A visit to a C:EHKO partner salon can help you find the perfect combination for your needs.

What makes C:EHKO Forming products so special compared to other brands?

C:EHKO Forming products are characterized by many years of expertise and in-depth know-how in hair cosmetics as well as the development of valuable recipes. With production in Germany, we guarantee the highest quality standards and careful selection of ingredients. Our products are vegan, dye-free and dermatologically tested, which makes them particularly skin-friendly. The combination of extensive research, premium ingredients and a clear commitment to quality and innovation sets C:EHKO Forming products apart from other brands on the market.