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C:EHKO COLOR: Brilliance & longevity

The outstanding brilliance and longevity of our coloring concept results from decades of experience and continuous optimization of our recipes. We always keep an eye on current trends and continually update our color palette to offer you modern and contemporary color options in the best quality.

More than just color - care and protection included

C:EHKO COLOR stands for more than just impressive colors. With products like the Scalp Protector Serum or the Purify Shampoo, we offer protection and care during and after coloring. We not only guarantee breathtaking color results, but also ensure healthy and radiant hair in every shade.


Frequently asked questions about C:EHKO COLOR

What is the best way to care for my hair after coloring it with C:EHKO COLOR?

After coloring with C:EHKO COLOR, we recommend using our specially developed care products for colored hair. These are designed to preserve the color brilliance while intensively caring for the hair and protecting it from external influences. Additionally, it is advisable not to wash your hair every day and to use heat-protecting products when styling to keep the color fresh and vibrant for longer. A regular deep care treatment can also help strengthen the hair structure and provide additional shine.

What advantages does C:EHKO COLOR offer compared to other hair colors?

C:EHKO's hair colors are characterized by their high-quality composition and specially developed formulas, which ensure intensive color brilliance and gentle treatment of hair and scalp. Our colors are long-lasting, offer high coverage and are available in a wide range of shades.

Does C:EHKO also offer ammonia-free paints?

Yes, C:EHKO COLOR also offers ammonia-free color options. We understand concerns about ammonia and have therefore developed alternatives that are gentle on hair and scalp without compromising on color vibrancy and durability. This allows you to choose a color solution that suits your individual needs and preferences.

How often should I color my hair with C:EHKO COLOR?

The frequency of hair coloring with C:EHKO COLOR depends on various factors, such as the desired color, natural hair growth and the type of coloring (full coloring, root treatment or highlights). We generally recommend re-dyeing the roots every 4-6 weeks; for tints, a refresher every 6-8 weeks may make sense, depending on the color intensity and hair condition.

Can C:EHKO COLOR products also be used for strands?

Yes, C:EHKO COLOR products are versatile and are ideal for setting strands. Thanks to the precise color palette and high-quality ingredients, you can achieve vibrant highlights and fine nuances with our products. For optimal results, we recommend applying according to the included instructions.