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Whether dry, rebellious, damaged or completely normal – C:EHKO loves every hair.

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Our product range is tailored to your needs

The C:EHKO CARE series is the heart of our hair cosmetics. It covers a wide range of hair types, from normal to particularly demanding hair. The BASICS LINE offers familiar and proven care, while the PROF LINE scores with innovative solutions for special hair needs. Each product is carefully formulated to achieve optimal results - whether you have dry, rebellious, damaged or normal hair.

Nourishing recipes for healthy hair

C:EHKO CARE combines proven tradition with innovative approaches. Our carefully developed formulas rely on high-quality, nourishing ingredients that intensively nourish and protect the hair. Our products are designed to revitalize the hair, give it a radiant shine and ensure a healthy, supple appearance.


Frequently asked questions about C:EHKO CARE

Are C:EHKO products suitable for all hair types?

Yes, C:EHKO CARE products are designed to be suitable for all hair types. Whether you have normal, dry, oily, fine or thick hair, our carefully developed formulas offer tailored solutions for every hair need.

By combining high-quality, nourishing ingredients, our products ensure optimal care, protection and revitalization of the hair, regardless of its condition. However, it is always advisable to choose the product that best suits your specific hair type and individual needs.

How can I determine which C:EHKO CARE product best suits my hair type?

In order to find the right C:EHKO CARE product for your hair type, we recommend first analyzing the exact needs and characteristics of your hair. Our website provides detailed product descriptions and usage recommendations for each product in the CARE series. Here you can specifically search for solutions to specific hair problems, be it dryness, fineness or other needs.

It is also helpful to seek advice from a hairdresser or hair expert, as they can often give an accurate assessment. Alternatively, you can try it out to find out which product delivers the best results for your hair.

What makes C:EHKO CARE different from other hair care products on the market?

C:EHKO CARE is characterized by a unique combination of proven tradition and innovative approaches. Our carefully developed formulas rely on high-quality, nourishing ingredients that intensively nourish and protect the hair.

In addition, our products are the result of decades of experience in the hair cosmetics industry. We place great emphasis on quality and effectiveness to ensure that each product meets the individual needs of the hair. With C:EHKO CARE you not only receive care, but also the certainty that you are offering your hair the best.

Does C:EHKO CARE also offer products to combat hair loss?

Yes, C:EHKO CARE offers targeted solutions for hair loss. The VITAL SHAMPOO was specially developed for daily care for hair loss. Enriched with rice germ and nettle extract, it not only gives the hair more volume and elasticity, but also nourishes it intensively.

In addition, we recommend the VITAL HAIR TONIC. This energy serum, suitable for men and women, strengthens the hair and gives it more body. Ingredients such as biotin from rice germ extract, bisabolol from chamomile flower extract and birch leaf extract support the scalp and prevent hair loss.

How often should the C:EHKO CARE products be used to achieve optimal results?

The optimal frequency of use of C:EHKO CARE products depends on your individual hair type and the specific needs of your hair. We generally recommend using the shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Special products, such as VITAL HAIR TONIC for hair loss, should be used according to the instructions on the packaging or the recommendations of your hairdresser. It's important to pay attention to your hair's signals and adjust products accordingly for the best results.