Damaged hair is a common problem. They break, split or fail. Hair damage often gets in the way of the long and healthy dream mane and severely slows down the growth of the hair. But damaged hair is not a disaster: there is a way to stop hair breakage and provide the ends with nutrition and moisture. Although you cannot repair damaged hair as if nothing had ever happened, you can close the open hair structure again and ensure a stable cuticle layer in order to enjoy better hair quality in the future. All you need is the right hair care.


Damaged hair usually appears dull, dry and brittle. If the ends split or break off, this is a clear sign of damaged hair. Unusually severe hair loss, for example on the pillow or hairbrush, is also an alarm signal. Hair loss is normal up to a point, but in some cases it becomes excessive. If you have recently colored your hair, had it often straightened or blow-dried, or lacked basic care, then you should take care of your hair health. Broken hair can become a permanent problem because the tips begin to split further and further from the bottom and the healthy hair in the lengths dries out in the long term. Since stressed hair prefers to fall out rather than grow into a magnificent mane, it also becomes difficult to achieve the desired length.


First of all, it makes sense to use care products that have been specifically developed for damaged hair. Use a mild silicone-free shampoo that is perfectly suited to the needs of damaged hair.

To be sure you don't add any harsh pollutants to your hair, you should use a gentle product specifically designed for damaged hair. The Renaissance Shampoo is perfect for this and starts repairing it as soon as you wash it.

After washing, use an intensive conditioner that you leave on briefly. We recommend the Renaissance Conditioner, which fits perfectly into the cuticle layer of the hair and acts like a protective coat. A tool that will give your hair a real rebirth.

To give the hair even more moisture, you can also use a hair mask, which not only provides the hair with important nutrients, but also provides an extra dose of shine and combability. Here too, the Renaissance series has the perfect answer, which completes the care trio and helps you achieve noticeably better hair health.

By the way, if you put a towel around your head after washing your hair, you should not rub your hair vigorously, but dry it carefully in the direction of growth to avoid further hair breakage.


In addition to ideal hair care, it can also help to trim the ends regularly. Although you'll lose a few centimeters each time, you'll have healthy, shiny hair that you can be proud of. Long hair looks beautiful and attractive especially when it is healthy and strong, free of breakage and split ends. You can have the ends cut at a hairdresser, or do it yourself at home with a few tricks. As long as you proceed carefully and don't cut off too much, you can enjoy great results in both cases.

Damaged hair can become a problem. But with the right care and the right hair products, most damage can be reversed. Hair repair technology has made great strides in recent years. Find exactly the right products that will help you achieve the hair you want and care for your hair the way it deserves.