Do you dream of silky straight hair? Find out here what you should pay attention to in order to enjoy the coveted look for as long as possible. This way you can get your dream hairstyle without putting too much strain on your hair. With these tips, you can straighten your hair easily and gently.


The question rightly arises before smoothing. Unfortunately, heat is poison for hair. High temperatures make its structure more stretchy and are more prone to hair breakage and split ends when styling. The hair then looks dull and brittle. Unfortunately, heat damage like this doesn't go with any look and it's clear that you want to avoid it. If heat is used when straightening, it is initially a problem for the hair. Does that mean either healthy hair or straightened hair?


Luckily, you can have both! Just be sure to use effective heat protection when straightening your hair! In this way, the healthy shine of your hair is maintained. As a sealing film, the protection surrounds the hair and prevents it from drying out. There are products that you can apply as a heat protection spray or work in after washing.

You should also pamper your hair with moisturizing care to keep it healthy and shiny for the long term. It is best to use shampoo and conditioner that is tailored to the needs of your hair type. For particularly intensive care, you can combine it with a matching hair mask. The mask provides the hair with extra moisture at longer intervals. For example, the Harmony shampoo as well as conditioner and mask are recommended for long hair. If you have pre-treated hair, heat damage can occur at significantly lower temperatures. For colored hair, the sophisticated Color Shampoo care range with the Color Lock Conditioner and corresponding mask for intensive care is ideal. The healthier the hair, the less damaged it will be during straightening.


With a straightening iron you will achieve straight hair effectively and quickly. However, the heat effect is also particularly high. Try to keep this harmful influence as low as possible. When using the straightening iron, you should always make sure that you do not pick up too much hair at once. If the strand is too thick, you won't be able to straighten all the hair evenly. In this case, you will have to use the straightening iron again and work on the strand several times. Instead, pick up smaller strands and smooth them thoroughly. Overall, this reduces the duration of the heat exposure compared to repeated smoothing.


The reason for using a brush and hairdryer is that they have a significantly gentler effect on the hair. In order to achieve your dream hairstyle this gentle way, you have to pay attention to a few details. First choose a medium to low temperature when blow-drying. To help you: If you can run the hairdryer over your forearm and it feels pleasantly warm, that's enough to straighten it. However, if you want an optimally smooth result or have very thick hair, you can't avoid using higher temperatures when blow-drying. On average, these are still a maximum of 80°C compared to temperatures of up to 230°C when using straighteners.


To prevent the heat from developing too much in individual areas, you should keep the hairdryer moving. For the same reason, it is important to ensure there is sufficient distance between the hairdryer and the strand of hair. It shouldn't be less than 15 cm here. This works best if you move the brush with the strand of hair horizontally away from your head. It is also advisable to always direct the air flow towards the ends of the hair. In this way, the fine scales that form the outermost layer of your hair are supported in their natural alignment. This prevents hair breakage and makes your hair shine powerfully. A simple trick to strengthen the hair structure again when blow-drying is to cold blow-dry at the end. The hair will cool and the outermost layer will close again.

When blow-drying, always use a brush that gives you a good grip. At the same time, the hair must not get too caught in the bristles. Thicker round brushes are ideal for medium to long hair. Short hair can only be taut with a thin round brush. When blow-drying straight, separate small strands and work them carefully from the underhair all the way up to the top hair. Especially if you have frizzy hair or curls, you can pay attention to the fact that the individual strands are often curled to different degrees. Adjust the temperature accordingly when blow-drying to be particularly gentle. Now the sectioned strand is brushed from the roots to the tips and blow-dried at the same time. Here too, it is important to avoid frequent re-straightening by using narrower strands.

To keep the result smooth for as long as possible, you can finally fix it with hairspray. If it is very humid, your straight hair will start to curl with both straighteners and hairdryers.


With this method you can achieve permanent hair straightening. The effect lasts between three months and half a year. At the same time, moisture cannot harm the hairstyle. Keratin straightening is suitable for all hair types, including colored and bleached hair. To achieve long-lasting smoothness, keratin is first applied to the hair as a cream. The hair is then processed with both a hairdryer and a straightening iron. The natural sulfur bridges of the hair structure realign themselves under the influence of heat treatment and form a stable shape - the hair becomes smooth. The keratin fixes this structural change in a very resistant manner. The effect of keratin straightening only wears off slowly over months by repeatedly washing your hair. Keratin straightening itself takes between three and five hours, depending on your hair length. In return, your hair and you are spared countless, strenuous heat treatments to re-straighten it. This gives you more time to think about the hairstyles that will perfectly show off your straight hair.


Keratin is not harmful to your hair. On the contrary! Human hair itself consists largely of keratin. It is a so-called fibrous protein that is responsible for the hair structure and its elasticity. It can also be found in care products for stressed hair such as the Renaissance Shampoo. Here keratin helps to give the hair new strength.