Hair styling – whether blonde, brown, straight or curly: with just a few simple steps and the right hair styling products you can get the best out of your hairstyle. Hair spray, hair gel, wax or pomade – there is a wide variety of hair styling products. You can now discover the right products for every need and every requirement.


One of the most popular must-haves for those who want more volume is mousse. There is the optimal setting option for every hair type: If your hair is rather dry, you can give it an additional boost of moisture with the right mousse. Even weak, thin hair appears fuller and healthier after using a mousse.

The application is very easy. After washing your hair with a nourishing shampoo, simply put a tiny amount of setting agent in your hand and then briefly work the whole thing into the hairline. You can then dry your hair with a hairdryer to get even more volume and hold. Mousse is absolutely invisible, but shines with an impressive visual and caring effect. It's so easy to style short hair as well as long hair.


You can work mousse into both dry and damp hair. This gives dry hair a great refreshment. However, if you apply the styling product to damp hair, you can then blow-dry it. This gives your hair even more body and shine.


Men and women alike swear by hair wax. It is the ideal product for taming curls or skillfully accentuating individual strands. Short hair can be easily shaped or tousled with a small dab of wax. To achieve the desired effect, simply spread a little wax between the palms of your hands and then run it through your hair. Then you briefly swirl them around and pluck individual strands. This means that even subtle hairstyles become a stylish eye-catcher.

Wax is not just a practical styling product because it gives a dynamic look, especially to layered hairstyles or curly hair. The slightly moisturizing effect of hair wax also speaks for itself. Last but not least, spray on some hairspray to give it the necessary hold. The perfect styling is ready.


Did you know that hair wax is great for defining your eyebrows? Simply apply a little wax to your brows and gently shape them into the desired shape with a comb. However, wax cannot be combed out. If you want to remove it in the evening, wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Which hairstyle suits you best? There is certainly no general answer to this question. It is important that you feel comfortable with your hairstyle and that it fits well with your face and the shape of your head. Of course, it should also fit the occasion. For everyday life you might like it a little more casual or sporty, while your hairstyle can be more extravagant for an evening party. Anything you like is allowed.

If you want to look particularly beautiful for a festive occasion, you can have your dream hairstyle created by a hairdresser you trust. However, it is usually not possible to get the professional styling done on your own the next day. However, if you have the necessary styling products on hand, your dream hairstyle can be at least almost perfect. Hairspray or hair gel are often indispensable in this context. This means you can create your favorite hairstyles in no time at all, which will last a long time and which you can redesign again and again.


Hair gel can be used just as sparingly as wax. Nevertheless, you can achieve great effects and a great hold at the same time. With a tiny dab you can emphasize individual strands as you wish or you can achieve an attractive tousled effect by just wetting a little gel on the tips. The gel hardens after just a few seconds. This gives short hairstyles more volume and a fantastic hold. Long hair becomes a voluminous eye-catcher by accentuating individual strands.

High-quality hair gel is characterized by a very subtle scent and shines with its efficient effectiveness. Even with a tiny amount you can achieve great effects. It offers you plenty of room for creativity. Have fun experimenting and discover what you can do with your short, medium or long hair.


The male stars of the 1950s and 1960s couldn't do without pomade. Even today, trend-conscious men of creation like to use this classic to give their short hairstyle that certain something. The extra strong shine and the great hold are what make pomade still so popular. If you don't know this tried and tested hair styling product, you should definitely try it out. You will love it. Your hairstyle will look perfectly styled when you use pomade. It doesn't matter whether you use it to emphasize individual strands or pull a curl onto your forehead. If you want to style your hair completely backwards because you love retro styling, you are definitely best advised to use a moisturizing, holding pomade.

The wide world of hair styling products for men and women is extremely diverse. Discover the possibilities and keep trying out new looks for a variety of occasions. What will you use to showcase your hairstyle?