Trendfrisuren 2022 Männer

Trend hairstyles 2022 men


2021 was an absolutely casual year when it came to men's hairstyles. And in 2022 it will be casual again for men, but their hair can now be a little neater. Undercuts and sidecuts have been dominant for a few years now. This will no longer be the case in 2021 and 2022. The hairstyle can now develop a little more freely. On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that the hair salons were temporarily closed in 2020 and 2021. But of course other factors come into play. What hairstyle trends will we see for men in 2022?


In 2022, the hairstyles are still casual, but you can give your hair a little more order and structure again. Short hair is popular, the mane is no longer allowed to grow wild. Maybe that's why the buzz cut is so trendy? No matter whether you have thick or thin hair, whether you want to conceal your receding hairline or whether you tend to lose hair easily: the buzz haircut conceals everything. This is a hairstyle for relaxation. What exactly was a buzz again? We call it a buzz cut when the hair on the entire head is shaved short. This is a machine cut that you can easily make at home. The trend hairstyle for 2022 will not be a problem even with further lockdowns.

The second trend for 2022 that we are currently seeing coming is the man bun. What was originally frowned upon as the ultimate hipster hairstyle is now totally popular again in 2022. In contrast to its first high season, the bun is now neatly styled and is not worn so high up. Ideally, your hair should be shoulder length and slightly thicker. Then you can wear the perfectly trendy bun at the back of your neck. Make sure to part your hair neatly in the middle - middle parting is simply part of the men's bun in 2022. Please note: medium-length to shoulder-length hair is popular. And especially with curls!


We are still in the last weeks of 2021. But it is already clear to see how the current trends in men's hairstyles will develop into the hot styles of 2022. Buzz cut and man bun are just two examples. Currently we see the browser flow quite often. If your hair is wavy and you don't know exactly how to add structure to it, that's exactly your thing. The Brio Flow is worn more at the back than at the side. To do this, comb your hair back after washing and blow-dry it back. Isn't enough? Then just fix it with some hair wax!

Also often seen: the middle parting. And it also comes without a man's bun. The middle parting will be with us for a long time and will probably be relevant beyond 2022. For both short and long hair, the parting is easy to style: comb the hair straight back and, starting from the root of the nose, draw a straight line over the head with the comb. At this line, part your hair and comb it down to the right and left. If you have long hair, this is annoying on your face because the top hair keeps falling forward. Simply clip it behind your ears! Because that seems totally casual. Now in winter you can let your hair down. At least it keeps your ears warm.

In 2020 and 2021, many men simply grew their hair long. This is still completely fine in 2022. As soon as the hair is long enough, tie a ponytail. And you can even braid the hair. The ladies already know: Mozart braids or French braids are currently popular. In 2022 men will also wear it. It looks particularly trendy if you wear your medium-length hair with an undercut and braid the top hair. These short braid hairstyles are also known as short tail braids.


Some hairstyles make a face with glasses look rather unflattering, while other hairstyles are a real compliment. What about the trend hairstyles for 2022? Generally it depends on your face and the shape of the glasses you wear. If the glasses are well suited to you, you can wear any hairstyle. However, we also have another tip that works well with any glasses, with any facial cut and even with a beard: Make sure that short hair has a low side parting. This gives the whole thing more volume and lengthens the face a little. The miracle cut makes this hairstyle look even more modern. Curls are also an option in this case. And of course you can dye strands - they are a real eye-catcher.

By the way, bangs will also be trendy in 2022. Short sides, shaggy or slightly tousled top hair and short bangs look extremely natural. This looks especially good with a beard. Important: The beard must be well groomed. You should shave the edges cleanly and shape the hair into a very structured shape. The bangs generally soften your face and make you look younger.


A high forehead stretches the face uncomfortably and makes a receding hairline even more noticeable. No wonder you want to cover it up. If the buzz cut isn't your thing, you should try slightly longer hair and bangs. Let the bangs reach just above the eyes. Blow-dry it with a round brush and make the result appear a little wispy. If you have naturally waves or curls, this won't be a problem even without a round brush. If the forehead is not quite as high, the bangs can end well above the eyebrows.


With a round face you don't have to feel like the full moon. Don't be offended - you always think that yourself. Especially with a short haircut with slightly longer top hair or long upper hair, the face no longer looks round, but is elongated. It doesn't really matter whether you wear a quiff with this hair style or whether you choose a French crop haircut. Both serve the purpose. The only thing you should avoid is bangs, as they ruin the visual effect of lengthening your face. Medium-length hair that hugs your jaw also makes your cheeks look rounder and is not ideal for a round face. A nice side effect of having shaved sides: you sweat less in the summer.

With these hairstyles you can go through 2022 casually and still totally hip! By the way, you can also show off color: In addition to highlights in light tones, cold bleaching to silvery white is your thing in 2022.