Even if a messy bun is not necessarily a classic hairstyle, it is now a timeless trend among hairstyles. This refers to a coarse bun that creates a loose, laissez-faire look. A few years ago it was already a real beauty secret for natural beauties. It was replaced by the stricter counterpart to the messy bun - inspired by the ballet world. But at the moment the messy bun seems to be making a comeback. Especially in connection with a business outfit or a high-necked dress, the messy knot creates an interesting contrast between chic severity and loose, natural beauty. It emphasizes the neck area, visually stretches the neck and can appear more or less playful.


First, you should tie your hair into a high ponytail. It is best to wear this as high on the head as the hair length allows. If your hair is long enough to hold all of your hair in the hair tie alone, you don't need hair clips. If they are not long enough, you should place the remaining strands along the head and secure them with clips. Then roll the braid up like a snail on the top of your head and secure the resulting knot with either another hair tie or hair clips.

Then you pluck a few strands out of the bun and create the “messy” look in which you let the fine strands appear to stick out of the braid at random. It can also look good to lightly tease the hair with a comb to make the hairstyle look even more random and messy while emphasizing the shape of the head. You can also pull out a few strands next to your face and at the nape of your neck to create a light and summery look. If you are not satisfied with the strands around your face, you can use a straightening iron to shape them into the right shape. You should fix the messy look with hairspray to give your hairstyle durability.

To optimally prepare your hair for creative hairstyles, you should pay attention to daily moisturizer.

When undoing the messy bun, you should be careful not to break any hair. You should then first loosen your hair with a coarse brush or comb before combing it through firmly. This way your hair can get used to the new freedom and doesn't break off. You should still take care of your hair when knotting a messy bun. Often your hair is not used to suddenly pointing upwards and no longer pointing downwards as usual. But with enough patience and tenderness, nothing stands in the way of a great result.

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With a messy bun, your hair runs the risk of breaking off. Especially if the lengths and tips are already stressed and brittle. So it can be dangerous to use traditional hair ties to achieve the messy look, as they can put extra pressure on the strands and promote hair breakage. It is better to use curled silicone hair ties, as these automatically distribute the pressure over the entire hair and effectively prevent hair breakage.

An alternative to this is a large, soft hair elastic that doesn't put too much pressure on the braid. This can also be used as a style element to give the messy bun an additional 90s look.

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The messy bun is making a comeback. Discover the laissez-faire part of you and experiment with exciting contrasts of strict elegance and relaxed looseness. Emphasize your forehead and neck area, create a playful look with highlights without much effort or using many tools. The messy bun is a great style tool for natural beauties and adventure seekers. And it actually suits everyone. No matter whether it is fixed with hairspray and styled perfectly or straight after getting up on the way to the coffee machine.