Brown is the new trend color for 2022, in all possible and previously impossible forms. This year, the brown tones can come with or without a red tinge, as long as the hair looks natural and is well cared for. You can find brown hair color in the spectrum from light golden brown to a reddish hazelnut brown and rich chestnut brown to chocolate brown and dark brown on catwalks worldwide!


There is a brown hair color that suits every hair and skin type. Or to put it another way: There is no one who wouldn't suit brown in one way or another. Which shades of brown suit you depend on your skin type, clothing style and preferences. Chestnut brown, golden brown, but also dark brown look elegant and noble. Hazelnut browns and golden browns can also appear playful. Pale faces, light skin and light eyes in particular are beautifully emphasized by dark brown and chocolate brown. However, if you have a naturally tanned or darker skin tone, shades of brown with and without a reddish tint also look very different. The hair color trends for 2022 are anything but inconspicuous, although brown tones have been somewhat neglected for a long time.


Natural spectrum with red nuances. Chestnut brown looks so natural and beautiful because it is not a hair color, but a whole color palette. Just take a closer look at a chestnut tree: In the trunk you will find many shades of brown that harmonize beautifully with each other and form a full, rich whole. The chestnut itself shows at least as many different shades of brown, which also have the typical, intense red shimmer. If you're naturally brunette, you don't even have to color your hair for this trend. You can also achieve chestnut brown by tinting individual strands in shades close to your own brown tone.


Dark, noble, elegant. In an outfit, chocolate brown looks classy and extremely expensive, but on the head this color is simply beautiful. Chocolate brown shines and looks well-groomed. Did you know that chocolate brown was already in vogue in 2021, especially among men? They just can't resist a brunette! Maybe this is also due to the stereotype that women with chocolate brown hair are simply incredibly intelligent. Chocolate brown suits you if you like to be more elegant.


Brown tone towards honey blonde. Is this really one of the popular shades of brown, or is this a blonde hair color? We're not so sure about Goldbraun. The trend hair color is very light and lies somewhere between brown and blonde. The fact is that this color gives your hair a wonderful, bright shimmer and always flashes in the sunlight. The color looks very natural and fits perfectly with the nice girl next door. With the color golden brown, always make sure that your hair is well cared for, smooth and supple. This is the only way the color reflects the light perfectly.


Timeless elegance. Not much effort, no highlights, no dyeing or tinting: just dark brown. Dark brown hair appears almost black in subtle lighting, making it a real classic. In natural sunlight, however, the color becomes much softer, more pleasant and sometimes slightly reddish. Dark brown hair is not dyed, many stars and artists will stand by their natural hair color in 2022 and wear it with pride.


Between red, blonde and brown. Hazel brown is a difficult color. Because we don't know exactly where these brown tones should be classified. There's a bit of red in there, in the right light it almost looks light blonde, but actually it's kind of a shade of brown. Since the trend hair colors for 2022 are as natural as possible, hazelnut brown should not be missing. This color palette is incredibly popular and looks more natural and carefree than any other color!


Care is particularly important for brown hair tones. To prevent your hair from looking dull and gray, it must always be well nourished. Supple, straight hair with a closed structure reflects light and naturally shows many nuances. A special Braun shampoo helps.