Damenfrisuren 2022 - Trends

Women's hairstyles 2022 - trends


Mullet, bob and bangs: Things are going wild on women's heads in autumn and winter 2021. But which of these will we save into 2022? Can we even predict the hairstyle trends for the coming year? We think that this is definitely possible. Because we will carry the hair trends beyond autumn and winter 2021/22 into next year!


We believe: What is trending right now in autumn 2021 will last into 2022. So let's take a look at what's hot in terms of hairstyles and will make it into next year.

Firstly, there is the mullet. Bill Kaulitz sets the tone for men, while women are more like Rihanna. Unlike the classic mullet, the trend now towards winter is more towards pullets. This means: The longest section of hair ends at the nape of the neck or roughly above the shoulders. The pullet is a mix of pixie and mullet, so with the pullet mullet you're essentially wearing the best of three different hairstyles.

Have you heard of the Wolf Cut? This cut consists of a wild mane (layered) with bangs. Billie Eilish, for example, likes this hairstyle. The wild mane has a lot of volume at the top of the head and thins out towards the bottom. Styling is easy with a hairstyle like this. You simply work some texture spray into your hair, nothing more is necessary. The cut does the styling, so to speak, even with curly hair.

Another must-know phenomenon is the shag mullet. This is a combination of shaglet and mullet. Also known as a shaggy mullet, the hair is parted in the middle, layered to shoulder length and then simply styled. Beautifully fringed curtain bangs frame your face, optionally with long bangs. But what is a shaglet? The mixture of shag and mullet only shows delicate layers; the bangs can be left out.

Let's look at the short hairstyles. In 2022, short hair will also be popular, it doesn't have to be a wild, tousled mane. Short hair is particularly pleasant in summer. The bob is particularly popular among short haircuts. In a very classic style, it is still with or without bangs, disheveled and relaxed. Exactly how long the bob is cut is flexible. So it doesn't have to be too short. Unless you want to ride the trend wave to the extreme: then it can also be the micro bob or the super short bob.

Important to know: Let nature take its course. Let the curls flow, let the waves have their freedom. Beach waves in particular will become a trend in summer 2022. Because being relaxed with your hair means not straightening it too much. It's enough to treat your bob with a little texture spray.


In November 2021, bangs are totally popular. Especially with medium-length hair, because it looks cool with every style. You can wear your medium-length hair wavy or straight, messy or with curls. Miley Cyrus is doing it!

When we talk about long hair or medium length, we must not forget another trend: the mullet is fashionable again. Don't be alarmed, the 80s trend hairstyle is totally retro and absolutely popular. However, the mullet has also grown up, as it can now be a little longer and show smoother transitions. If you haven't been able to get used to the hairstyle at all, we have a kind of weaker version for you. You have your hair styled with a middle part and then cut in layers down to shoulder length. The bangs gently caress your facial features. So you definitely don't look like Rudi Völler! In 2021, the mullet will no longer be assigned a gender and will be worn by everyone.

We're seeing the blunt cut quite a bit these days. This is a blunt haircut where all the hair is neatly trimmed to one length. There are no steps or edges. The stark opposite of the layered mullet is strangely in trend and will survive the winter into next year. The blunt cut is actually a classic because it has never really disappeared. Nice side effect: The cut actually suits every woman and makes your face visually narrower.


The mullet is an all-rounder and can be cut to suit any face. However, when it comes to length, you have to pay close attention to the shape of your face. Exception for a narrow face: the mullet is not so cheap. The cut stretches the face even more, so you quickly find yourself unattractive. The hairstyle with bangs simply has a lot to offer. This is ideal for an oval face. And the mullet is also a good choice for round facial features. Then the cut should be at least shoulder length.

Be careful if you've never had a cut like this before! Take it easy, start with medium length and soft transitions. The differences between short hair and lengths are then not so extreme.


Textured braids will be the total trend in 2022. We are already feeling this now, in the transition to winter 2021/22. Always weave in! Textured braids are practical because with a little spray the hair is fixed and simply looks freshly styled all day long. Do you already know the different options for braiding? After all, just braids are boring! In 2022 it has to be a French braid (also known as herringbone or Mozart braid). If you do the exact opposite when wetting, i.e. fold the strands from the right and left not over the middle strand, but under it, the braid will look attached. This is the so-called Flemish braid.

If you only want to braid a little, choose baby braids. The strands that frame the face are braided from top to bottom. The remaining hair remains open.


In autumn 2021, the icy platinum blonde, which has been popular for a long time, is slowly saying goodbye. The tones are getting warmer again. That's why in 2022 it can be a warm blonde with a yellowish touch. The entire range from warm blonde to a reddish chestnut brown and fiery mahogany balayage is popular. Don't worry if the colors grow out: Use Face-framing Highlight to lighten the look so that everything can grow out again smoothly.

However, the colors should be stable. While it was still trendy in 2020 to wear multiple colors in your hair, that is now a thing of the past. You only wear one color. Instead of strands, you care for your hair so that it shines smoothly and shows light reflections. No more hair colors are needed in 2022.

Inspiration for your hair color 2022:

  • Vanilla blonde
  • Wheat blonde
  • copper
  • caramel