A sentence that you have probably heard in connection with split ends is: The only solution is to cut them off! All women love their hair and care for it to the best of their ability - it's all the more annoying when the ends regularly split and have to be cut off despite intensive care! This guide will give you a few tips and tricks on how to care for your hair in order to effectively prevent split hair ends.


Split ends primarily occur because your hair lacks moisture. In order to prevent split ends, you need to provide your hair or hair ends with more moisture. To achieve this goal, it is not enough to wash your hair regularly with shampoo and hope that the hairdresser will fix everything if necessary. Of course, having your hair cut regularly at a hairdresser is an option, but especially if you prefer long hair and even want your hair to grow straight, you have to come up with another solution.


Special hair treatments can prevent your hair from drying out and the ends from splitting. There is also repair & care shampoo especially for dry hair - a 'repair & care for your hair' treatment, so to speak - which promotes healthy hair and repairs damaged hair to some extent. In the first step, you should wash your hair as normal with a repair & care shampoo and then apply a hair treatment. It is important that you let both the shampoo and the hair treatment work for some time before rinsing the products out. This is the only way the treatment can penetrate your hair strands and develop its effect.

Even a simple conditioner reliably detangles the hair, making it easier to comb through afterwards. Be sure to avoid pulling at your hair with your hairbrush! It is better to untangle your hair carefully with your fingers, because force is never a solution in this case and is extremely damaging to your hair! Always pay attention to what type of hair the products you buy are designed for. For example, the Diva Shampoo and Diva Conditioner are ideal for curly hair, while the Volume Shampoo or the 3:0 care sets are recommended for fine hair.


If your hair becomes brittle, the cause - as with split ends - may be due to the dryness of your hair. However, a biotin, iron or vitamin B deficiency can also be the cause of hair breakage. Frequent coloring is anything but healthy for your hair. Do you really only use the care products that were made for your hair structure? No matter how high the quality of the wrong hair care products, if they don't suit your hair, they won't have any positive effects. On the contrary: the wrong hair products can even damage your hair!

Do you like to wear your hair tied up in a ponytail? Is your hair tie wrapped loosely or tightly around your hair? Tight-fitting hair ties, which may remain in the same place, put constant pressure on your hair. Depending on how sensitive your hair is, even wearing a ponytail regularly in the same area can cause brittle hair. You can counteract this by using wider elastics and tying them loosely around your hair. Feel free to vary the height of the ponytail a little.


If your hair is already so damaged that a clear asymmetry can be seen, then you should stop messing around yourself and make an appointment with the hairdresser as quickly as possible. Even if it will be very painful for you at first to lose even more hair length, going to a professional is essential at this stage. The hairdresser will need to trim your hair so that symmetry is restored and any broken areas are removed. Maybe you'll even discover during this step that a short hairstyle doesn't look so bad on you? If you want to let your hair grow again after this visit, you should definitely pay attention to more intensive care that is tailored to your hair from now on so that you don't have to go through the whole spectacle again.


If your hair isn't damaged yet, but just stressed, you can still save a lot with appropriate care. The Renaissance series consists of three products that will help you make your hair healthier and more vital.

1. The shampoo for stressed hair: Renaissance Shampoo

Massage the shampoo into damp hair, leave it on briefly and rinse it gently with water. This shampoo is ideal for daily hair washing because it is a very mild, nourishing shampoo. Your hair will become stronger and shinier with every wash and your scalp will also stay healthy and will even be cared for a little by using the shampoo.

2. The hair mask for stressed hair: Renaissance Mask

It is recommended to use the Renaissance Mask 2 – 3 times per month. After washing your hair normally, massage the mask into towel-dried hair and leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes. The mask provides your hair with enough moisture so that your hair can breathe properly again. When the 15 minutes are over, simply rinse the mask thoroughly with water - done!

3. The conditioner for stressed hair: Renaissance Conditioner

As we all know, all good things come in threes – as is the case in this case. To complete the care, we recommend using the conditioner after every hair wash. If you also use the mask, it should be used before the conditioner. Distribute a small amount of the conditioner into your hair, let it work there briefly and then rinse it thoroughly.

If you follow the recommendations and instructions, you will notice a noticeable difference in your hair after just a short time - in a positive sense! Now it's your turn: From now on, care for your hair according to your best conscience and the latest knowledge and don't give split ends, hair breakage, etc. a chance anymore!