Silver shampoo is part of the basic care for bleached hair. Silver shampoo, or Anti Yellow Shampoo, was specially developed for the care and maintenance of blonde color results and provides first aid in various areas. Silver Shampoo not only serves to maintain a beautiful and elegant color result, but also adapts ideally to the needs and problems of bleached hair.

Dyed, blonde hair often tends to have a yellow tinge. In some cases there is also a red tinge that makes the hair appear orange. An Anti Yellow Shampoo counteracts this color change and, when used regularly, creates a silvery shine that looks natural and tasteful. Silver shampoo does not harm bleached hair: quite the opposite.


Bleaching is the most strenuous coloring process there is. Bleaching involves mixing a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a dye to break down the natural hair color, destroying the red pigments in the hair core and replacing them with a new color. The bleaching mixture has an extremely high PH value and, when applied, allows the hair cuticle to be opened from the outside, penetrates the hair and destroys the dark color pigments. This inevitably leads to dry hair and the need for regular and reliable hair care in the future.

The hairdresser often applies intensive care immediately after the coloring process, which is intended to close the cuticle again in order to protect the hair from future damage. Sometimes some violet or silvery color pigments are included in the care to prevent a yellow cast in advance. Because yellow and purple are complementary colors, they neutralize each other and create a natural, cool blonde.


Over time, bleached hair develops a more or less strong yellow or orange tinge. This is because the purple color pigments of the original color mixture are gradually washed out while the bleaching effect remains unchanged. If the hair is further damaged, it can cause a brittle and straw-like effect. Silver shampoo is used to repair and visually balance the hair on a structural and color level. Silver shampoo, or so-called purple shampoo, was specially developed to provide structurally damaged hair with nutrients and moisture and to close the cuticle again. Since bleached hair is less prone to being greasy due to its structure, silver shampoo is often particularly mild and only requires a small amount of washing to ensure a nice hair wash. Silver shampoo was tested on bleached hair and tailored to the needs of bleached and damaged hair in order to maintain a beautiful and healthy hair feeling in the long term without losing the color effect.


The purple and silvery pigments in silver shampoo often mean that it comes out of the bottle with a very intense color. However, there is no reason to be alarmed. Only a few violet pigments remain in the hair and do not provide a coloring effect, but rather simply neutralize the yellow cast. This is based on the principle of complementary contrast: violet and yellow lie opposite each other on the color wheel and neutralize each other when mixed. The intensity of the result depends on the frequency and exposure time of the shampoo. If you like a very warm blonde, you can only use silver shampoo every now and then. If you want to get a very cool and Nordic blonde, you can use anti-yellow shampoo several times a week or even exclusively. It varies from person to person how often the silver shampoo is necessary to achieve the desired result. If the yellow cast is extremely strong and undesirable, silver shampoo can be left on for a few minutes and used very frequently. Sometimes it takes some time to find the right size.

Silver shampoo is silicone-free to give hair the most natural way possible to protect itself, moisturize and repair damage. The healthy color neutralizer silver shampoo was developed to easily care for bleached hair in everyday life and maintain a cool color result. The shampoo has a healing effect on the hair structure and simply refreshes the color result. This means that the unpleasant yellow tint is a thing of the past.