Do you dream of a long, flowing and thick lion's mane? Then you're like many women. If you are not naturally blessed with full hair that grows down your back, you can help with hair extensions. Are you not comfortable with your thin, short hair and are you looking for a method that really works? Then real hair extensions are a highlight for your aesthetic charisma. But before you enthusiastically go to the hairdresser and have hair extensions done, you should find out about the different methods, care and the different hair qualities. Here we would like to give you valuable tips so that you are completely satisfied with the hair extensions and can enjoy your lion's mane for a long time.


A general answer to this question is not possible. The durability of your extension depends on the quality of the hair, the expertise of the hairdresser and your natural hair growth - especially the speed of growth. The fastening method also affects durability. If you choose real hair extensions with micro rings, i.e. with bonding, the strands can be used multiple times. You should have the hair extensions reapplied every three months as they grow out with your natural hair and the connection points can be seen. If the hair extensions are attached with clips, you can easily remove them yourself and reposition them. But remember that care also has an important influence on the durability of the hair extensions. High-quality real hair, which you care for based on your hairdresser's recommendations, can be used two to three times and therefore lasts an average of nine months.


Some hairdressers speak of hair extensions, other hairdressers speak of extensions. What is meant, what are the differences or are they just two different terms? The latter is correct when it comes to hair extensions or hair thickening, which is attached to individual strands of hair with bonds or tape. On the other hand, we don't speak of extensions if you choose a hairpiece with clips, similar to classic hair clips. Basically, you can use the term hair extensions for all real hair and synthetic hair extensions with fixed connection points and for clipping on. Conversely, however, the name is not correct. A hairpiece that you connect to your head hair with clips is a hair extension - but not an extension.


There are no “good” or “bad” ways to combine hair extensions with your own hair. Bondings last the longest and protect the cuticles of your hair. Since they are not attached with hot glue or taped, they cannot harm the outer keratin layer of your natural hair. Ultimately, you need to know how long you want to wear the hair extensions. Do you want your hairstyle for a wedding or other special event to offer completely new possibilities with hair extensions? Then you can choose a simple method that can be removed at any time. Clips are ideal here because you can connect them to your own hair like hair clips - and remove them. If you want to extend your hair in the long term, you can have high-quality real hair welded with micro rings or keratin bonds. The best method is the one that meets your needs and is perfect for all the hairstyles you prefer. It's best to decide how long you want to wear the hair extensions. Real hair extensions with bonds that are welded to your natural hair are suitable as a long-term solution.


If you have thin hair, your hairdresser also faces a challenge. But you can breathe a sigh of relief because hair extensions with simultaneous hair thickening are also possible with fine hair. So that you can't see the transitions between the extensions and your real hair, we recommend using adhesive bonds made of keratin. Since you can only put a little top hair on top of thin hair, you should think about which hairstyles you want to wear before you have your hair extensions. If you mainly wear your hair down, the hairdresser will recommend a thicker top layer of real hair. If you want to wear updos, there must also be a sufficient amount of hair on the lower hairline without bonds etc. This could be problematic if you have very fine hair, as you don't naturally have the necessary hair structure. It's best to get expert advice on the possible hairstyles that are suitable for you. An experienced hairdresser can give you good tips for new trendy hairstyles with extensions and show you how to optimize your aesthetics with extensions made of real hair.


Proper hair care plays an essential role in extensions. If you wash your hair too often or style the “welded” strands of hair with heat, irreversible tangles will occur. This means that you ultimately only use the hair strands once and cannot wear them for several months. It is also important that you never go to bed with wet hair and that you avoid brushing the connections between your real hair and the strands. To keep your hair smooth and silky, only use special extension brushes. If you want to straighten your hairstyle or blow-dry extended hair, use a heat protection spray and set the styling device to the lowest temperature. With keratin bonds, you have to be careful not to hold the straightener or hairdryer directly on the welding areas. In this case, the bonds dissolve and take on a white color that can be seen between your real hair. Permanent hair extensions should not be washed more than twice a week. A special shampoo is recommended and you should avoid conditioners. Tip: Before you brush or comb your hair, it must be completely dry.


Hair extensions always involve connecting the real hair to the strands. How can you hide the transitions and make the hair extensions “invisible”? Undone looks, braided hairstyles and loose buns are perfect. Of course, you can wear your hair open at any time, as the hairdresser processes the extensions with a top layer of your natural hair. Avoid tight ponytails and hairstyles that require you to keep the hair on top of your head tightly. In this case, the joints would be visible and it would be obvious that you are wearing hair extensions. You can try out various hairstyles in a three-part mirror and check whether you can see the bonds, micro rings or clip extensions. If you want to remain flexible and vary your look, ask the hairdresser to leave enough natural hair when inserting the hair strands and thus offer you the option of numerous hairstyles.