What is the distribution of natural hair colors in Germany? What are the most popular hair colors? Everything in our facts...


Around half of Germans have naturally blonde hair, making blonde the most common natural hair color in Germany. This is closely followed by brown hair, which occurs in around 40% of both men and women. Black hair is the third most common: just under 7% of men have black hair, while it is only just under 2% of women. Reddish hair is least common at 5% in women and 3% in men.


Shampoo, conditioner and the like ensure the largest sales in the beauty care market. In 2020 alone, 3,300 million euros were spent on hair care products. For comparison: 756 million euros were spent on deodorants in the same period. The trend is actually increasing: people spend around 2% more on hair care products every year than in the previous year. People are paying more and more attention to doing something good for their hair with high-quality products. You can see from our products that quality does not have to be incredibly expensive.


The average German consumer spends around an hour a day on their beauty care routine. This means that products such as shampoo, shaving gel and hair treatments accompany you for an average of 60 minutes every day and are therefore an integral part of your day. Beauty care items are used around six times a day - from showering in the morning to applying lip balm, applying cream to the hands and removing make-up in the evening. Precisely because we use these products so often, we should choose them carefully.


Coloring hair is popular! 73% of women and 10% of men color their hair at least occasionally. There are big differences across age groups. Almost half of 40 - 49 year olds dye their hair, while 41% of 50 - 65 year olds and 30 - 39 year olds each dye their hair. 40% of 20 to 29 year olds dye their hair, although the trend is falling. In 43% of cases, the main wish is that the colors last a long time.


There are differences between the sexes when it comes to the most popular hair colors. Blonde is the most popular hair color for more than one in five women, compared to just 5% of men. Brown hair is equally popular, preferences vary depending on the shade of brown. Dark brown is the most popular hair color for men at 27% and for women at 14%. While medium brown is liked by 12% of men, it does not appear among women's top hair colors. Black hair is considered the favorite hair color for 11% of women and 15% of men.


Depending on their natural hair color, every person has a different amount of hair on their head. Redheads have the least hair with around 90,000 hairs, followed by black-haired people with around 100,000 hairs. In second place are brunettes with around 110,000 hairs. The natural blondes, of whom there are extremely few people, have the most lush hair with around 150,000 hairs. Regardless of hair color, you lose 40 to 80 hairs every day, but they are immediately replaced by new ones.


Have you ever seen an artist whose body is only held up by her braid? This works because your hair is much stronger than you think. Each hair can withstand a weight of up to 100g. This means that with 110,000 hairs you could theoretically carry the enormous load of 11 tons with your head hair. However, we definitely advise you not to try it yourself.


True to the motto: There is nothing that doesn't exist, hair from famous people has even been auctioned off. And such a prominent streak can bring a lot of money into the till. In 2019, for example, a lock of hair belonging to the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was auctioned at the London auction house Sotheby's. The lock changed hands for the amount of 35,000 pounds. Based on the exchange rate at the time, this corresponded to a sum of around 41,600 euros. Not bad for a clump of gray hair, right?


There are world records in every discipline imaginable. And of course there is also the world record for the longest hair in the world. The Chinese woman Xie Qiuping currently holds it. Her hair is an incredible 5.62 meters long. At least they were the last time she was measured in May 2004. In 1973, at the age of 13, she decided to let her hair grow. She claims that her hair doesn't cause her the slightest problems in everyday life. Do you believe her? After all, the Chinese woman's hair is as long as a full-grown giraffe is tall.


Many men (and now women too) wear hair on their faces with pride. Mustache, full beard or both – whatever you like is allowed. The Indian Ram Singh Chauhan particularly likes his mustache, also known as his mustache. He holds the world record for the longest mustache, measuring an unimaginable 4.29 meters long. This was last measured in March 2010. Ram Singh Chauhan has been growing his beard since 1970. The beauty is cared for daily with coconut and mustard oil. Thanks to his extraordinary mustache, Ram even landed a guest role in the James Bond film “Octopussy”.