Keratin is an important protein that the human body produces itself. It is mainly found in the nails, skin and hair fiber. The substance consists of valuable amino acids and is highly valued in the wide world of hair care due to its special effect. Keratin makes your hair softer, more elastic and stronger. It is contained in many high-quality hair care products and can counteract hair breakage and split ends. Even damaged hair becomes supple and looks naturally beautiful through regular use of the right hair care products. With a targeted keratin treatment you can prevent brittle and colorless hair. Dull hair regains its silky shine. If the hair structure is brittle, keratin fills the existing cracks. After just one beauty treatment, you can look forward to healthy, smooth hair. If you have the impression that your hair is growing too slowly, a keratin treatment is also a sensible solution.


The term keratin comes from Greek usage (kéras = horn) and stands for water-insoluble fiber proteins. They coat the marrow cells inside the hair, which have a sponge-like structure. This makes them a valuable basis for shiny, strong hair. You will feel the comparison after a keratin treatment. The substance makes your hair much more elastic, so you can wave, twist or bend it without the risk of breakage. Human hair consists of 90 percent keratin. It also contains minerals, lipids, pigments and water. If keratin is destroyed or broken down by external influences, the hair can become dull, brittle, brittle and dull over time. Keratin is characterized by its special resistance to cold, heat and UV radiation. Even sea water and salts can hardly harm the natural protein. Given this remarkable concept, it's no surprise that so many high-quality hair care and beauty products contain keratin. In our shop you are guaranteed to find the keratin care product that suits your hair perfectly.


Treat your hair to a keratin treatment every now and then. The keratin molecules are first transferred to the outer layer of hair. This area is called the cuticle. The aim of this treatment is to strengthen the hair from the inside out and rebuild it. The cuticle layer becomes more resilient and stronger thanks to the keratin added. Dry heating air, blow-drying every morning after washing your hair, and combing and brushing are external influences that can take a toll on the hair structure. Straightening curly hair with a straightening iron is also extremely stressful and can cause the hair to become brittle and brittle. A keratin treatment is the proverbial savior in an emergency and can give your hair new shine and fresh volume. It is worth carrying out a keratin treatment regularly in order to gradually strengthen your mane and make it more durable overall. This means it is even better equipped to deal with future challenges and environmental influences.

The keratin treatment “can” do even more. Many women with curly hair want nothing more than to finally have straight hair. A keratin treatment can help. Not only does it seal possible cracks in the hair's protective layer, making the hair more elastic and grippy, it also smooths your hair without damaging it. Even though the curls often return after a short time, you will still be able to feel the natural shine and newfound strength of your hair.


Although keratin optimally supplies your hair with all the important nutrients and therefore provides excellent protection, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Set the temperature of your hairdryer or straightener to as low a temperature as possible so as not to damage the structure of the hair again.


First of all, washing your hair with a high-quality shampoo, such as the Harmony Shampoo for long, strong hair, removes possible residues of care products from the hair and scalp. The keratin treatment is then applied evenly to damp hair. It is combed into the hair structure with a wide-toothed natural comb. The ideal exposure time for the preparation is around 10 to 15 minutes.

After the procedure, the hair is gently blow-dried at a low temperature and then worked on - strand by strand - with a straightening iron. The treatment is then rinsed out with plenty of lukewarm water. Last but not least, there is a nutrient-rich hair mask, such as the product from the Renaissance series. An exposure time of around a quarter of an hour is recommended here. Then the hair is blow-dried again and processed with the straightener. This seals the hair structure and ensures that the keratin is firmly integrated.


Do you have split ends and want to do something about it? Then a Brazilian blowout treatment may be just right for you. It is comparable to a keratin treatment, but the Brazilian blowout is gentler and time-saving. Even if you want to straighten curly hair and give it a gorgeous shine, you'll love this method. It is not exactly known where the technique gets its name from. But we know that many beauty trends come from Brazil and are now very popular worldwide.

Similar to the keratin treatment, the hair is first washed several times with a high-quality shampoo to remove dirt and residue from care products. This is followed by a heat treatment followed by a care treatment. The keratin mixture is worked into the hair step by step. A thin protein protective layer is placed around each individual hair. The result is a silky, shiny, smooth hair structure that lasts for several months. You will love it.


Even colored hair can be treated with the Brazilian Blowout. The sealing effect means the hair color is retained for longer.