You've probably heard of the ingredient glycerin. No wonder - after all, we come across the ingredient almost every day in various cosmetic and cleaning products. It is also often used as a home remedy. But what exactly is glycerin?

Trivalent sugar alcohol is called glycerin. The name comes from the Greek word “glycerós,” which means sweet. The ingredient is contained in oils and fats and is chemically bound there as triglyceride. It usually appears on the labels of shampoos, conditioners and the like under the following terms: glycerol, glycerol, glycerinum, E 422, proprantiol or 1,2,3-triol. So no more all the chemical terms - they just make your head buzz.

In a nutshell: Glycerin is an odorless, colorless, hydrophilic, sweet and alcoholic liquid that is obtained from oils or fats. Due to its water-binding properties, it is the perfect moisturizer and the ideal humectant in hair care products. But the practical ingredient is also used in creams, deodorants, shaving soaps and foods.


You now know that glycerin is derived from oils and fats. But which fats are they exactly? Somehow the name glycerin sounds so chemical and foreign that we don't easily associate it with either animals or plants. Basically, the ingredient is obtained from all types of fats - whether animal or vegetable. For example, there are many products containing glycerin that are not vegan. However, if the packaging is marked with the vegan label, it is of course a purely vegetable product and was obtained from vegetable oils. At MeMademoiselle we rely on purely herbal active ingredients. Our shampoos, conditioners and hair masks are completely vegan and without questionable ingredients.


Glycerin ensures that the hair is moisturized. The hair becomes noticeably softer and smoother. The scalp also benefits from the ingredient as it is moisturized. But is it really good for your hair? Or is it perhaps even harmful? At this point we can reassure you because it is an absolutely harmless substance.

We still have to mention one small thing: if the concentration is too high, the ingredient can be bad for your hair. From a concentration of 30%, the effect of hair care is reversed: the hair and scalp dry out . But here too we can reassure you: you will not find such a high concentration in any cosmetic product. If your hair dries out, it is usually due to other reasons. Climatic influences or the wrong composition of your care products can cause dry hair.

As long as you pay attention to the glycerin concentration in your shampoo, conditioner or mask, you have nothing to worry about. The active ingredient is not bad for your hair, it just depends on the dose. We therefore recommend that you only use high-quality care products with a low concentration of glycerin. Also make sure that the hair care product contains glycerin as well as other moisturizing ingredients such as urea. In winter you can also use an oil or serum to prevent your hair from drying out.


Glycerin offers you numerous benefits. The active ingredient gives you soft and supple hair. Your scalp also benefits from glycerin. However, you should pay attention to a low concentration and other moisturizing additives. The dry heating air and low humidity often result in dry and straw-like hair in winter. Since glycerin binds water, additional drying out of the scalp and hair is possible in winter. Here you should either switch to a different care product or additionally care for your hair with oils or serums in winter.


Of course, this depends on which care product with glycerin you want to use.

For example, if you decide to use our Anti Yellow Shampoo for bleached hair to combat yellowness, the application is very easy: moisten your scalp and hair and distribute approximately 10 ml of the shampoo on the scalp, part by part, and massage in. Emulsify with water and then rinse carefully. Blonded and lightened hair in particular benefits from the properties of the special shampoo. The vegan shampoo contains glycerin and ensures full and supple hair without a yellow cast!

Curly and voluminous hair dries out easily and requires a lot of care. The hair needs to be intensively moisturized. If you have a gorgeous curly mane, we recommend our vegan Diva shampoo for curly hair: without parabens, silicones and other frills! With moisturizing glycerin, hydrolized keratin, provitamin B5 and white tea. Gently massage in 10 ml of this shampoo and then rinse it well with water!

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our pampering and harmony mask for long and strong hair. One of the main actors in this hair mask is of course glycerin, which provides your scalp with more moisture and makes your hair wonderfully soft, shiny and voluminous. We added urea for an extra moisture boost. And linseed oil, hydrolized keratin and provitamin B5 also strengthen your hair from the inside out. After shampooing, distribute the mask evenly throughout your hair and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.