Scalp care is the care that also cares for the area in which the hair develops when washing the hair and other hair care. The scalp with the hair follicles and hair roots, small and very complex hair production factories. The hair follicle with the hair root consists of three layers with complicated anatomical structures that are supplied with nutrients via the surrounding connective tissue from the scalp. When the hair grows out through the opening in the hair funnel, it receives nourishing fats, moisture, fragrances and color pigments from the scalp. The stronger and healthier the scalp, the better it can supply the hair with all of these substances throughout its lifespan of up to 6 years.

You clean and care for this scalp with your hair care products. This is why the supply can be disrupted there by the wrong care products: Critical chemical ingredients can penetrate the hair root via the supply channels and reach the scalp via the surrounding connective tissue layer. The irritating ingredients then not only disrupt the supply, but can damage the scalp to such an extent that it reacts with dandruff or even hair loss.

You won't find such harmful ingredients at MeMademoiselle: The MeMademoiselle care series comes from a family business that is over 80 years old and started with healthy herbal hair care for healthy hair.

During this time, we have always kept up with scientific progress, but have also always avoided any critical chemicals - because the care works better without such ingredients anyway.

If your scalp has been stressed by external influences, only care products with all-natural ingredients can ensure lasting improvement. Only they can regenerate hair and scalp in depth. While e.g. B. “Silicone plasters” add additional weight to the hair and scalp.

If your hair and scalp are completely healthy and without any weaknesses, you will find the care products in our shop that will ensure that it always stays that way.

In the next paragraph you will find out what you need to consider when choosing the right care for your hair and scalp and what else you can do for your scalp.


Caring for a normal, healthy scalp that grows normal, healthy hair is very simple:

Hair and scalp are cleaned regularly - but at appropriate intervals, because too frequent washing attacks the skin's protective layer.

The hair is brushed daily to remove loose dirt and dust and to keep the hair supple by distributing the natural sebum.

The scalp should also always be brushed: This is where the distribution of sebum begins, dead skin cells are removed, and blood circulation is thoroughly stimulated.

Of course, this good scalp care only works with care products that take good care of your scalp without straining or irritating it. Such as B. our Chic series, which nourishes, pampers and nourishes normal hair and healthy scalp with strengthening keratin, moisturizing aloe vera and panthenol as well as the balancing hibiscus extract.

This combination of active ingredients moisturizes even dry hair so well that it becomes supple, smooth and shiny. Here you can (and should) use the Chic products for preventative scalp care. Your dry hair is too dry because it doesn't get enough moisture from your scalp, which is also too dry. If you massage some Chic Shampoo into your scalp every time you wash your hair and let it work for a short time, you will also provide your scalp with plenty of nourishing moisture. Then the Chic Conditioner is used, which keeps your dry hair healthy and shiny with keratin, panthenol, valuable apricot kernel oil and aloe vera.

But scalp care when washing your hair forms the basis of regeneration if you are predisposed to dryness, because the dryness comes from the scalp. In the description of the Chic care you will find many more tips on how you can support this regeneration with further measures. In the advice section, the dry scalp is also looked at in more detail.

If, on the contrary, your scalp tends to produce excessive sebum, you can get it under control with Balance Anti Oil Shampoo, usually quite quickly, because the active ingredient combination of astringent zinc sulfate, strengthening keratin, moisture-regulating glycerin and urea, regenerating allantoin and numerous Herbs are a “true miracle weapon” for calming an “overzealous scalp”. It works fundamentally, sustainably and long-term against oily hair.

The “right care product” can also depend on details that you are not necessarily familiar with: Brushing your hair is (also) important because the natural hair sebum is distributed from the scalp towards the ends of the hair. This body's own care keeps the outer horny layer of the hair supple by binding the moisture in the hair and protecting it from UV radiation. This distribution cannot be successful with curly hair because of the special shape of the hair. Brushing is still important because stimulating blood circulation is essential for a healthy scalp. But curly hair needs additional care from the outside, which our care range for curly hair offers with its valuable active ingredients.

At MeMademoiselle you will find the right care set for every hair type. Take the little time it takes to choose exactly the right care - because all of our products always care for the scalp, the most important prerequisite for healthy, shiny hair.


The really bad cases, when the scalp “goes crazy”, forms dandruff, produces a lot of sebum due to frequent washing or is generally very sensitive, have not been mentioned yet? That's right, because the basis of good scalp care is simply an adequate supply of the right ingredients: Dermatologically tested hair and scalp care, which is manufactured "Made in Germany" using the knowledge of 80 years of hair care tradition without microplastics and without animal testing, contains everything what your scalp needs.

Good care is intended to provide all-round care for the scalp and to regenerate the scalp. Less is more, frequent washing with the wrong products stresses the scalp just as much as one serum or hair tonic after another.

The regeneration of the scalp just takes a little longer here, and the right care should be tailored a little more precisely to the problem. We have done this detailed work for you; in our care sets you will find series for colored and stressed, unruly hair and hair that is heavily stressed by external influences. You will even find the right care for colored hair with a “yellow tint”, and in the advice section you will find a lot of information about how you can sustainably soothe your scalp with nourishing hair oils such as olive oil and leave-in hair treatments.

If a very sensitive scalp is difficult to soothe, our sensitive scalp care set can help. It regenerates the scalp's disturbed skin metabolism so gently that redness and itching usually disappear soon and you will soon be able to enjoy your shiny head of hair again.