Many blondes can relate to it, but older women with white hair also fear it: the yellow cast. In fact, white and blonde hair is particularly prone to appearing yellow. The yellow tint can have two causes. In many cases it is an application error with regard to the use of bleaching. In addition, choosing the wrong starting color is often to blame. Rinsing multiple times after dyeing doesn't help either. You can hide yellow hair with either a knitted hat or a baseball cap - or you can rely on our SOS tips.


You have chosen exactly the shade of blonde that suits you and your hair type. You let the bleach work - but after rinsing out the bleach, your hair appears strangely yellow. A disaster! Sometimes it's because the bleaching agent wasn't allowed to work long enough. Maybe because there wasn't enough time or because it wasn't used properly. Has this ever happened to you: You have applied the bleach and during the bleaching process you take a quick look to see how the tone of your hair has already changed. If your hair doesn't look blonde but instead looks yellow or orange, you can be quite frightened. Washing the bleach out then is a mistake. Because it is in the nature of things that the lightening process when bleaching goes through several stages, such as orange, brown and yellow. The color gradations during the bleaching process can be very strong, especially with darker hair. This is because the individual color pigments are initially pulled out of the hair when it is lightened.


Did you rinse out the bleach too early? Then you can counteract any possible yellow tint by using the same product to make up for the remaining exposure time. This small correction does not have a damaging effect on the hair structure, but rather it helps to alleviate the dreaded yellowish discoloration.

If you only notice the next day that your hair has turned yellow due to the coloring, you can lighten it afterwards. Get a whitening agent from your trusted online shop and massage it in gently. However, caution is advised when choosing a color: If the lightening product is too light, it can not only affect the color result, but also damage the hair structure. In the worst case scenario, hair breakage or hair loss could even occur. Unless you use rich hair care products, such as a conditioner for damaged hair.


Silver shampoo is a special highlight in modern hair care. It is not comparable to a normal shampoo. It contains violet color pigments that are deposited in the hair. When exposed to light it looks as if the yellow in the hair becomes invisible. This is referred to as the so-called complementary effect. This simply neutralizes the yellow cast. Only use a silver shampoo if you want to compensate for a yellow tinge after bleaching. Due to its special nature, the shampoo roughens the hair structure. If used too frequently, the hair becomes dry, brittle and sometimes even brittle. Last but not least, to prevent all of this, you should apply a hair mask to freshly washed hair.


It is usually the case that the product you need is not available when you need it. Going out the front door with a yellow tinge in your hair to buy a silver shampoo at the drugstore around the corner is not a particularly good idea. It's a good thing that there are grandmother's home remedies that can at least provide a "first aid effect" in an emergency. For example, you can use lemon juice to reduce the yellowness. Depending on the length of your hair, squeeze one to three lemons and distribute the juice through your hair. After about half an hour of exposure, rinse the lemon juice out with plenty of lukewarm water. Ideally, the yellow cast will then disappear. If not, simply repeat the procedure again.


Because lemon juice can have a drying effect, you should follow up with a hair mask. It pampers your hair, moisturizes it and supplies it with all the important nutrients.

If you don't have lemons on hand, chamomile flowers will do. Whether freshly picked or in the form of chamomile tea bags: all you need to do is boil the fragrant herbs and let the brew cool. Then apply the liquid to your hair and leave it on for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then you rinse the whole thing out and then pamper your hair with a moisturizing hair treatment. By the way, did you know that chamomile flowers play a very special role in modern hair care? That's why they are included in many hair care products, such as this hair shampoo from our store.

Whether silver shampoo or hair mask, conditioner or conditioner - whichever hair care product you choose: quality always matters. Which of our hair care products makes your heart beat faster?